Trade centers division profiles

Receiving clerk

The receiving clerk carries out a specialized service of direct observation and verification during the phase of receipt of goods. This position includes the responsibility of registering all in-transit goods (in and out) using a dedicated computer program. The receiving clerk contributes significantly to the streamlining of the activities of receiving goods.

Security officer

The Security officer position is very important. The Security officer is responsible for the security of the shopping mall. This position's task is to implement all preventive measures identified by the Sinergica management along with the customer needs. The security officer also promotes new solutions to increase organizational efficiency and to protect the company's assets in the best way.

Fire officer

This position has the task of activating the preventive checks and controls relating to fire prevention, in compliance with the directives of the emergency plan worked out with the customer. The fire officer is certified and constantly trained to upgrade the level of service according to current rules.

Access controller

Is responsible for supervising and managing the flow of visitors, ensuring compliance with the rules of the trade center. The access controller supervises access and verifies the credentials noting the name of the guests as well as their entry and exit times. The access controller plays an important role on the front end, providing all the information requested also by telephone.


Is a qualified operator with a specific training and experience in civil and industrial cleaning so that he or she can provide the customer with more effective and innovative cleaning procedures. The cleaner acts with discretion, wears a specific uniform, uses modern tools which are compliant and certified cleaning products. Tools and products are all equipped with an information sheet for the protection of the worker and the environment in which he or she operates.