Security services

Intervention areas

  • Shopping centers, stores and supermarkets
  • Banks, companies and offices
  • Public entities and community structures
  • Museums, exhibits and events
  • Production plants
  • Condominiums

Service categories

  • Security direction department
  • Fire prevention
  • Access controls
  • General prevention
  • Emergency services
  • Video surveillance
  • Controls on technological installations and systems
  • Reliable doorman and guard services

Security services require an efficient and flexible response to all our clients’ needs, protecting their assets and preventing all the possible risks the activity might face.

Understanding the diversified and evolving demand, Sinergica Servizi has become a point of reference in the security sector thanks to 4 strong points in our services:

  1. Accurate analysis of risks in the early phases
  2. The use of modern and sophisticated technologies
  3. The commitment of qualified and motivated employees.
  4. Modern, flexible and efficient organization

All of the staff are employed by the company and are never subcontractors . They also possess all the required certificates for the services offered. In addition, they go through a specific training in the security services field, which allows them to work with efficiency, discretion and in total respect of the law.