Sinergica mission is to support and supplement companies in all those non-core activities and projects that participate in the construction of enterprise value. Activities which affect the efficiency and image of the organization, the relations with the public and the competitiveness in the market.


To achieve our mission we build with our customers a genuine partnership, with strong and stable relations, which are based on goal sharing and on a steady measurement of performance. Every project, regardless of the number of people employed, is run by a dedicated manager who is both the project manager and sole proprietor of contact between the customer and our company.

Company values

  • Excellence: our quality certification is only the beginning of a challenge that leads us to constantly raise our standards.
  • Training & development: we select, train and motivate our people in a continuous process of human and professional growth which involves the entire organization.
  • Problem-solving: we consider essential - at any level - the ability to handle contingencies and solve problems when they occur, providing fast and effective responses to changes.
  • Safety:we constantly invest to ensure our people the highest regard when dealing with job injuries.
  • Lawfulness and reliability: our employees are all certified and hired with regular contracts.
  • Transparency: we strongly believe in transparency in both human and professional relationships.