Security services for hotel structures


  • Doorman services
  • Reception
  • Switchboard
  • Access control
  • Video Surveillance services using the TVCC system

Over time, Sinergica has accumulated a notable know-how and a specific experience roviding security in big hotels, which require preventive measures and particularly rigorous controls.

The main security services and prevention for the hotel structures are as follows:

  • Doorman controller: supervises the flow of employees, identifies outside collaborators, suppliers, couriers and checks the transit of goods.
  • Central Alarm services: TVCC equipped surveillance room with an operator in charge of general prevention and all alarm controls (fire alarms, sensitive systems, cameras, pools, saunas, etc.) as well as activation of any necessary procedures.
  • General prevention: Rounds services and constant H24 verification of security conditions in all appropriate areas of the hotel.