Hotel security division profiles

Hotel security officer

This position is very important because the Security officer is responsible for the security of the hotel. This position’s task is to implement all preventive measures identified by the Sinergica management along with the customer’s needs. The security officer also promotes new solutions to increase organizational efficiency and to better protect the hotel from internal and external risks.

General prevention officer

This position provides a highly specialized observation and check service, making periodic rounds of every hotel floor and controlling all protected areas. The check service is registered and certified by an appropriate software program. Through this totally free optical system, the customer has the opportunity to trace the history of the carried out activities.

Doorman - controller

Is responsible for supervising and managing the flow of visitors and ensuring compliance with the rules of the hotel. He or She controls access, verifies the identity of employees, external collaborators, and suppliers and checks the transit of goods. If requested, he or she assumes at the same time the control of video-room CCTV.

Fire officer

This position has the task of activating the preventive checks and controls relating to fire prevention, in compliance with the directives of the emergency plan worked out with the customer. The fire officer is certified and constantly trained to upgrade the level of service according to current rules.