General services division profiles

Inventory manager

Inventory is a very tricky activity; our manager uses sophisticated tools and a steady procedure to audit. His or her contribution can develop quick and cost-effective inventory surveys that - for reasons of reliability and safety - the customer prefers to outsource. If requested, the inventory manager processes the inventory gaps, comparing the storage detected with the stock accounting provided by the customer.


This role merges management, organizational and communication skills. The Secretary's knowledge of the most common applications (Word, Excel, Email, Internet) is very high so as he or she can handle fast and efficiently all those activities of front-office and back-office operations, such as:

  • managing the calendar and phone calls
  • meeting and transfer organization
  • correspondence and archive documents management
  • researching suppliers and quotes request
  • relationships with suppliers and processing orders
  • customer relations
  • assistence with foreign languages and translation

Receiving clerk

The receiving clerk carries out a specialized service of direct observation and verification during the phase of receipt of goods. This position includes the responsibility of registering all in-transit goods (in and out) using a dedicated computer program. The receiving clerk contributes significantly to the streamlining of the activities of receiving goods.

Switchboard operator

This role requires good communication, listening, and interaction skills. Our call center employees know how to properly handle the phone call, dealing with complaints and objections. He or she is skilled to use the computer, Internet and database. During the service the operator fills out the appropriate records, which allows you to track the flow of phone calls, which then devises from them the statistics. This profile can be extremely useful in conducting market research and supporting the commercial and marketing department.


This position delivers all those activities normally conducted by the company deliveryman. The car is equipped by our company and handles every need in terms of collection, sorting and transportation of mail and delivers documents to public or private offices. This role is flexible and can carry out a wide range of reliable duties, according to the specific demands of the customer.