Decalouge of advantages for our client

  1. Timeliness: We carry out surveys with a free estimate within 48 hours of your request.
  2. Quality and performance: Our specialized professionals improve your performance standards.
  3. Flexibility: You need the contribution of a qualified company, which can relieve you from the typical burdens of a dependent staff.
  4. Competence and know-how:Our staff attends training and refresher courses so they are continuously learning at every level of our organization.
  5. Coordination: We assure you that for every project there will be a dedicated supervisor who is responsible for the entire operation and functions as a connection to the customer.
  6. Savings and efficiency: We identify together the cost reduction sources and we allow for a major reduction in administration procedures.
  7. Reliability: We guarantee the respect of the objectives and the adequate insurance coverage for all the operating activities.
  8. Security: We assure the maximum protection in case of injuries.
  9. Elasticity:: We guarantee you the immediate substitution of any employee in any moment for whatever reason.
  10. Transparency: We hire only personnel who have regulated hiring contracts as employees as stated by CCNL.